Weapons Forms

Yongchun White Crane Weapons Forms

Before you start with the Yongchun White Crane Weapons forms, we recommend you start your learning on our homepage. Once you have been through those tutorials, you should learn at least a few of the freehand forms before starting with the weapons. Kung Fu should always be learnt starting with the foundation, and then progressing to the more advanced.

Weapons training needs plenty of space and, from personal experience, we can tell you there is a good chance of breaking household items if you do the training in your living room! These videos are available so that serious martial arts students can learn this classical Kung Fu style. We remind you again to please be careful with these forms, and you must also undertake to follow the Martial Code.

If you have learnt some Yongchun White Crane forms from the videos, it is a very good idea to have your movements checked by a qualified Instructor. We highly recommend you attend our classes, either in person, if you’re able to get to London, or online if you live elsewhere. This way you can make sure no serious mistakes are creeping into your learning!

These videos are listed in the order published by Master Su Ying Han.

Three Battle Meridian Staff

This video contains a tutorial of the Three Battle Meridian Staff form.

Sage Goes Fishing

This video contains a tutorial of the Sage Goes Fishing Staff form.

Crane Wing Double Knives

This video contains a tutorial of the Crane Wing Double Knives form.

Horse Leading Rods

This video contains a tutorial of the Horse Leading Rods Sai form.

Turn the River, Stir the Sea

This last video contains a tutorial of the Turn the River, Stir the Sea Trident form.

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