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Here you can find our Yongchun White Crane Translations. Translating Chinese characters into another language is not an exact science! Classical Chinese can be very poetic, with layers of meaning, and it can be very difficult (or indeed impossible!) to do this beautiful language its full justice.

As we are translating what are, in some cases, ancient martial texts, we are doing our best to convey the spirit and essence of the language. Where possible we have prioritised this over a literal translation of the characters. Phrases can have multiple interpretations, and this means that there is some artistic licence involved. Of course, other language experts might disagree with our finished versions!

Where possible, we are also trying to maintain some of the beautiful poetry of the original Chinese. However, this takes second place to trying to convey what we believe is the essence of what is written.

Some of our translations are from English into other languages. We have tried to stay true to the spirit and poetry of the original Chinese where doing this. The original Chinese is shown alongside the other language, along with the pinyin, to aid pronunciation of the Mandarin Chinese.

Of course, all of our translations are copyright. They are for the information and education of the serious martial artist. Please do not distribute or copy the articles elsewhere.

Our Yongchun White Crane Translations

Translations into English

Traductions en Français

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