The Martial Code

When you start on the journey of learning a martial art, you must also undertake to obey the Martial Code. Hopefully the reason for following a code of conduct is obvious!

As you begin to learn fighting skills and start to turn yourself into a “living weapon”, it should go without saying that it becomes increasingly important that you gain more and more self-control. The fighting skills you learn should only ever be used in self defence or to defend others who are unable to defend themselves.

Following the martial path will force you to confront and overcome your own inabilities and failings. In turn this will lead to great self-confidence, but also great compassion and humility.

A true martial artist can be distinguished because they are a person of honour and integrity.

Most martial schools have a series of tenets, or principles, which students undertake to follow when learning their art. These effectively form a code of conduct which it would be reasonable to expect any serious martial artist to follow.

Above all, correct ethics must be put ahead of your own personal needs. It is following this martial code which makes one a martial artist, rather than just a practitioner of martial arts.

Even when surrounded by others whose behaviour falls short of the mark, a martial artist will always ensure their own behaviour and self-control are beyond reproach.

Respect should always be shown to others – it is childish nonsense to say that this should be earned first. A true martial artist shows compassion and humility at all times.

We trust that you, the reader, will uphold this code.

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